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Recently I have received requests for unit studies or living book recommendations on other high school level science topics. Unfortunately, I have only completed biology with my kids because I didn’t want to tackle high school level chemistry and physics LABS.  There are a number of wonderful living books out there for both subjects, but the time and resources needed to reproduce good laboratory experiences seemed overwhelming.

Homeschooling and self-education doesn’t mean you can’t outsource.  In this case, we decided to send our oldest to community college part-time to take chemistry with the lab component.  It was a great experience for him to use real lab equipment with an instructor who knows what’s going on.  My son is NOT a science/math kind of kid but he learned a lot and did well.  It was nice to be able to include those grades on his transcript because it shows prospective four-year colleges that he is able to handle real classroom work.

My second son will be taking chemistry from our local community college this spring, and he plans to take physics next year.

I think high school level physics and chemistry could be done at home with motivated students and parents, particularly if you share the load with other families.  A co-op with other homeschooled teens would help diffuse expenses for lab equipment and materials. Maybe each family could switch off doing demonstrations/labs to go along with some chosen textbook.  Doing the projects as a group would also make the material more fun.

If you decide to create your own science unit study based on living books, I would love to post it on this web site for others to see (giving you all the credit of course).  If you are stumped on how to get started, I have posted an explanation of how I created the biology unit study here.

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